Cellarmen's Tour

UNDERGROUND + HISTORY + BEER Join us for the newest tour along the Brewing Heritage Trail, then enjoy a complimentary beer tasting at the conclusion. Starting at the Christian Moerlein Brewery and Malthouse Tap Room (1621 Moore St), this tour shares the stories of several Cincinnati breweries as well as Cincinnati’s past and present brewing traditions. We begin with the men who built and worked in nineteenth century breweries, exploring dangerous working conditions, grueling hours, and the growing divide between the workers who made the beer and the “Beer Barons” who built fortunes by producing America’s best brews. Guests emerge from a trip into the subterranean lagering cellar of the Schmidt Brothers Brewery with an understanding of how technology and bottled beer started to change the way we drank in the 1900s.

Brewery District CURC Office (not Tour starting location)
Cincinnati, OH

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